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full natural pure dynamic nova organic sound

In Built High-Res Streaming
Prototyping Concepts
Integration with Assistants
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Manufacturing the First Units

All-in-One support

Analog and digital inputs. Roon Ready. Volumio integrated. Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz, Bluetooth 5.0, Radio, Podcast, MQA render and decoder, PCM and DSD support. Integrated with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Versatil Preamp Features

Reconfigurable power stage. Power valve models. Regular and balanced headphones outputs.


Tradition combined with avant-garde digital technology.

about us

We are a team united by a love for music, conscious listening, enjoyment of quality sound, and a passion for taking care of every last detail of what we offer to our customers. Each of us brings complementary facets based on our experience in the industry and deep technical knowledge, but always from a creative approach.
From the beginning of our journey, we set out to make products that did not renounce in each of its components, and in each step of the process, to the highest quality, seeking above all excellence in sound, usability, aesthetics, and functionality that we did not find in the market.
We believe that only from the passion and conscious enjoyment of what you do you can manufacture products that bring something new to the world. We seek to develop from the synergy between our technological disciplines (industrial, electronics, software development, etc…) and others from fields such as music performance, photography, graphic design, fine arts, or poetry. We have the firm conviction this is where the best we can offer to the world comes from. In other words, a perfect welding, a well-chosen cable, or the reliability of a component is just as important to us as the aesthetic beauty of the product, the sustainable development of the company, or the profound meaning of every step we take.
Finally, our ideology leads us to not accept dogmas of any kind that could deprive the end-user of advantages such as the enjoyment of the warmth of a tube sound combined with a window to the almost infinite field that the digital world brings. Due to that, we integrate leading audiophile software products into our devices that do not renounce the advantages of the analog process.
We are convinced that with passion, honesty, and attention to detail, we will build a company that brings brightness, freshness, and quality to the high-end audio market.
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